What are Direct Assessments?

Short answer: They are additional fees found on your property tax bill.

Good answer: They are the line items under the “Ad Velorem” tax (property value). They include such items as:

  • The Mosquito Abatement District”
  •  School District
  • Flood Control District and,
  • Sanitation District amongst others.

Many taxpayers do not realize that real estate property taxes include more than the property owner’s general tax levy.  These items are related to the value of the property (and as such are not controlled by Prop 13).

Even fewer taxpayers realize that the assessments may be subject to error in calculation or appeal.

Each has its own formula. Some are more trasnsparent than others.

MacVaugh & Co has developed an expertise in analysing the Direct Assessment portion of the real estate tax bill. If you pay the property taxes (even if through triple net fees) we may be able to identify errors or “under use” and be able to get a refund for over payments.  The largest culprit in the assessments is the Sanitation District.  They base their fee on an estimate of future use. Needless to say, the estimate is almost always incorrect. Not suprising to say; it is usually high. MacVaugh & Co has successfully obtained rebates for over 200 applications. There is no charge unless a refund is obtained.

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