“Illegitimi non carborundum” – Horace

MacVaugh & Co. has been specializing in landlord, tenant and property management relations since 1994.  Hoss MacVaugh’s 30+ years of experience in Pasadena has well established his company among landlords and tenants alike. Through these relations, Hoss and his team have been able to assist clients within the San Gabriel Mountain foothill cities, also known as the “210 Corridor”. Our Pasadena office is filled with agents who have their client’s needs at the top of their priority list. Whether it is office, land, retail, restaurant or industrial properties, they are ready to share thier real estate knowledge and experiences with you. We are the commercial real estate agents who have access to all real estate ownership information in our area of expertise. 

Landlord/Seller Representation

MacVaugh & Co. looks at the specific challenges of the property, comes up with a plan to overcome the obstacles, and puts that plan into action.

We keep the goals of the owner in mind – if cash flow is the goal, we will do a month to month deal. If it is maximizing the face-rate of a lease to justify value of a property, we will do that as well. If it is preleasing a development project, we will give our recommendations on that. We pride ourselves in knowing what the market wants, and being able to make recommendations so that “the offering” meets existing demand.

Property Management

Property Management is a thankless job. No one calls to say that the air conditioning is running perfectly, that the maintenance crew has the common area restrooms looking spotless, or that the common area lighting is especially bright.

We take away the hassles of property ownership, from building operations and maintenance, to property accounting, contract management, and oversight of tenant improvements.

We specialize in Class B office buildings, flex/industrial buildings, and retail shopping centers. Have your tenants call MacVaugh & Co., they will thank you.

Tenant/Buyer Representation

Do you understand the ramifications of rentable vs. usable square feet, pass-through of operating expenses, holdover or non-disturbance?

Do you know what “market” concessions are?

Have you been through the space planning and construction process?

As commercial real estate agents, we have our pulse on the market:  We know what’ is available and often times we have negotiated with the Property Owner or his Agent before.

Do you want the landlord’s broker negotiating on your behalf? Landlords have representation, so why shouldn’t you?

Business Sales

At MacVaugh & Co., our area of expertise is working with businesses considered to be at the lower to middle end of the market. This would include companies that have sales revenues of up to $20 million.

Once we discover the value of your business, we will provide the sweat equity necessary to position your company for sale. In turn, we will find you the right buyer, guide you through the transaction, and provide you with the expertise that will maximize your dollars when the deal is completed.

Broker Opinion of Value

Thinking of selling, refinancing or establishing value for estate purposes? MacVaugh & Co does not have appraisers, however, as commercial real estate agents, with our market knowledge, we can give a pretty good idea of the price a property might achieve given proper marketing and time. Our process is faster and less expensive than a full-blown appraisal. We have performed BPO’s for lending institutions and owners alike. We have also been called on to determine market value for lease options.